Implant Placements

Do you have missing teeth? If so, implant placements are a great way for our team to strategically place your dental implant. You will not only feel confident about smiling again, but you will be able to chew your favorite foods once more!

What is Implant Placement?

Implant placement can be done free-hand or with the aid of a surgical guide, which allows clinicians to develop a restoratively driven surgical plan. The use of implant planning software, scanners and CBCT allows us to achieve a better surgical outcome.

Typically, implants are placed beside natural teeth to replace missing or previously extracted teeth, to restore function and esthetics. If there are multiple implants, it may be placed in the same fashion as a dental bridge for maximum support.  

  • Visually pleasing smile

  • Restored confidence

  • Reformed oral health (including misalignment/spacing issues)

  • Restore function

The Visit

During a consultation, we recommend discussing your smile goals with your doctor. They will perform a physical examination of your mouth and teeth. Digital and x-ray images may be captured in order to get a better idea of how to perform proper implant placement.

Our team will closely treat and monitor your progress throughout the procedure. Please pay attention to all instructions your doctor provides to you before, during, and after treatment!

Do You Need Implant Placements?

We want to see you smiling for many years to come. It is important that you are taking advantage of everything great oral health and dental implants has to offer. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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