Same Day Crowns

One of the greatest procedures we can offer use to advancements in technology is CEREC crowns, which can be made in one day. This means that we can take oral scans and have your new tooth installed in one day, when previously they would have to be made in a lab over the course of several days to a week. We use a state-of-the-art machine to scan your jaw structure and then create a completely custom tooth out of a mold in only one day. This new crown is then attached ad adjusted by your dentist. With CEREC crowns you can walk out with a new smile on the same day you come in to have your exam.

Benefits to CEREC crowns:
  • Same-day construction

  • Lasts for years

  • Restores function

  • Custom fitted

  • Covers unsightly teeth

  • Fast application

If you think that you might be a good candidate for CEREC crowns, then don’t hesitate to call our office today. We are here to help you get the beautiful smile that you deserve. We will be lad to assist you with any questions that you may have.

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