Also known as Cone-beam Computed Tomography, CBCT is an advanced digital laser scanning system that replaces dozens of film x-rays and hours of work. While other practices might be relying on their old x-ray machines, the International Center for Advanced Dentistry only uses the latest in laser and digital scanning technology. This image take pa patients head and completes a 360 degree scan, compiling thousands of images into a 3D model that can be digitally rendered and studied by your dentist to make recommendations and diagnoses. Using this technology we are better able to determine a course of action for orthodontics, as we are better able to study the jaw structure in addition to the teeth and gums.

Why we use the CBCT system:

  • Advanced tomography

  • Highly accurate

  • 3D imaging

  • Digital scanning  

  • Orthodontic advantage

  • Painless

We take the time to appreciate that everyone has different oral care needs, and so the International Center for Advanced Dentistry takes the time to use only the best equipment so we can get the best results. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the procedures we offer and our modern equipment.

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